Business Meeting
Drawing a storyboard
Post Production


This is where we gather information, establish goals and benchmarks, and try to understand the expectations of the project. It is also a good chance to share references, assets, and ideas.


Tell us your idea, and let us make a rough draft of how it will look. This is the planning phase which we build a foundation on. Here we decide how the product will generally look.


Now we get into the actual production of your video, with the final animation, design, and editing.


share ideas

  1. Set budget

  2. Set Schedule

  3. Share references and study assets

  4. Plan for usage rights

  5. Make contract

(Please keep in mind that schedules should consider this stage is not where actual production begins.)


make a plan

  1. Make script and thumbnail,

  2. Share concept art, storyboard, or photobash

  3. Record initial footage or sound

(We can always negotiate adjustments according to your needs, but this may effect production schedule.)


get to work

  1. Create design assets

  2. Create keyframe animation

  3. Clean footage or sound

  4. Create in-between animation

  5. Render animation

  6. Edit the compiled footage and sound

  7. Finalize content